Back to the future!​

Our history starts back in 1909 when Master Builders Inc. was founded in Cleveland/Ohio (USA) as a concrete flooring company, the starting point for the success story of Master Builders Solutions, BASF’s Construction Chemicals business, now globally active in more than 60 countries.

One of the early mission statements of Master Builders Inc. gives a realistic picture of the construction chemicals business that is still valid today:


Replace the word “floors” by “structures” and you have our current brand promise of Master Builders Solutions rephrased!

Over the past few decades, Master Builders Solutions has reinforced this approach and brought onto the market innovations that have impacted the construction chemicals sector, like MasterGlenium, the first superplasticizer for concrete or MasterEmaco, improved repair mortars with nanotechnology, and most recently, the new Xolutec™ technology.

Another example of this early understanding of the value stream is this brief excerpt from the first issue of the company’s magazine, which appeared in 1913.


Although this text is more than a hundred years old, it provides a precise job description for a Master Builders Solutions technical service team member. The only differences are that we also have “point women” now and we have widened our horizon to cover various types of structures of all sizes, and not just floors.

It’s fascinating to see how wise and future-oriented our Master Builders colleagues of the past were, and to recognize that the same spirit and core values stay intact even through all the changes that the company has faced in over a century: innovation as a key business driver and concentration on people’s needs; these two principles are combined in our sustainability approach.  

In fact, the current Master Builders Solutions portfolio of class-leading products for the construction industry embodies a common principle: increased resource efficiency which allows significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint. These benefits of advanced chemistry are proven by acknowledged measurement tools – we call this approach: Quantified Sustainable Benefits.

We aim to be the best-connected partner, enabling expert users of construction chemical solutions to master their challenges.​

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Source: ​Construction Solutions Blog

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